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A breathtaking aerial view of the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in Alaska. This photo was taken by Student Conservation Association intern Devdharm Khalsa, who got to see the park in most spectacular fashion while documenting the work of a National Park archaeology crew this summer. “The sight I saw as we helicoptered into the park was awe-inspiring. Pristine rivers — the surface glittering like thousands of diamonds — flowing hundreds of feet below us, vast mountain valleys, towering peaks and patches of boreal forest dotted the tundra landscape. It was a dream come true for me.”
All this week, we’re featuring photos taken by studentconservationassociation (SCA) members. A non-profit that connects young people with conservation service opportunities on public lands across the country, SCA has interns and conservation corps members in all 50 states — providing students with the opportunity to work with rangers and biologists to protect, restore and promote public lands.
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Short stories behind a few photos from the Alps are running on The Adventure Handbook’s Instagram this week.
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Bear Family :)
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Farm along Route 1. North Iceland.
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A perfect weekend getaway cabin.
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our dreaming space is open by oh no, not again on Flickr.
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Lónsstofa: Die #816, hinter Gásír im Norden Islands ein Stück nach Westen.Alt und neu - weiß und schwarz.
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David Guenther
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